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eye candy goodness


:iconsummermon: tagged me in a thing!! :O


1. Each person must share 10 things about them. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions that shall be asked to the people you will tag. 
3. Choose 10 people, and put their icon on your journal.  

***Here's some facts about ME~***
1.  I am obsessed with the color pink.  I have so many feelings about pink things and when I'm freaking out sometimes all it takes is just to surround myself with the color /w\;
2.  I listen to music constantly.  I often get distressed if there's not some kind of music going on around me.
3.  I have a twin brother!  He's neat
4.  I look waaayy younger than my age.  I'm 23 but I'm regularly mistaken for an 18 year old.
5.  I'm a private person with a nasty case of social anxiety and tend to spend excessive amounts of time alone, but I actually crave social interaction a lot.  It can get really stressful sometimes but I love meeting like-minded people :3 
6.  Cartoons are p much my favorite thing.  I'd love to work on them someday!
7. I love cool hairstyles a lot, particularly edgy, colorful ones!  I wanna color my hair again soon...  
8.  I love video games but can't play them very consistently, so I tend to read about them and watch people play them than actually play them.  I don't care for the majority of the gaming community though.
9.  I'm aromantic asexual and am really invested in visibility.  Still, I feel weird talking much about it a lot of the time.
10.  I'm a really messy person and can't keep my area clean for more than 5 seconds.  I hardly know how to function in a tidy space.

***summermon's questions*** 
1. If you could have ANY animal companion in the entire world, even something mythical, what would it be?
hmm... it would be really neat to have a pegasus!  They'd be gorgeous and we could fly around, it'd be cool. 
2. What world would you enter if you could enter any fantasy/video game/TV show world at all, and why? 
Oh uh, I generally have a hard time placing myself in fictional worlds but I'd have to say either the Pokemon world or to be a crystal gem in the world of Steven Universe lol
3. What is your favorite color scheme/are your favorite color schemes? 
Pink, lavender, and turquoise!!! I love it so much!! Also primary schemes that involve pink and greener blues
4. What is your favorite thing to draw/paint/write about?
My ocs lmao... I'll just draw my goofball loser characters doing random crap all the time
5. Do you have any muses? Music, people, things- what inspires you? 
My watch list on any art site, really.  Especially people with really appealing aesthetics to their art.  It makes me itch to draw so bad sometimes!
6. Are there any memories you have that make you very happy every time you think about them?
hm.. time spent with cool friends mostly!  I get so happy thinking about having fun with the people I care about
7. Favorite thing you've done on DeviantArt/that has happened on DeviantArt? 
When I was in high school I had a small group of pals I'd joke around with on here, and that was always a ton of fun.
8. What's one of your goals for the future?
Do more art!  I'm never drawing enough
9. What are your favorite genres of music and how do they make you feel, in general? 
I can't tell what genre any given song is most of the time, haha... bright, upbeat stuff like MIKA and Jukebox the Ghost and Architecture in Helsinki makes me feel really happy and emotional, while more intense or darker music like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy and Mother Mother can really spark my imagination.  But there are a lot more different kinds of music I like and it's hard to really describe any of it ahah
10. Are there any smells that remind you of things from your past? Like nostalgic blasts from the past?
Well dental smells make me think of braces and I get all panicky lol
umm what else... christmas smells are always really nice n nostalgic, and they just make me feel really nice.  And a lot of the time I'll just get random whiffs of unidentifiable smells that feel super nostalgic but I can't put my finger on how..

I, uh... I hardly know anyone on here anymore... I don't go on to do much more than post art and most of the people I used to know have left... Of those few I do know idk who is down for these kind of things LOL. (I don't like tagging people who don't do this stuff)  So uh if you want to do it, just do it!  I tag everyone I guess lmao
sorry!! "OTL

***Here are my ten questions** 
1.  What are your favorite video games/game franchises?
2.  If you could meet anyone currently living in the world who would it be?
3.  If you could have any hairstyle, what would it be??
4.  What was your favorite childhood movie?
5.  What do you like most about your own art?
6.  What do you tend to do when you have to wait around with nothing to do?
7.  Who do you wish you could see right now?
8.  What upcoming movies are you excited for?
9.  Do you collect anything?
10.  What do you wish you were better at?
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
i need to draw a new one of these, yikes

call me mariel
I'm not around a whole lot these days but I post and check things somewhat regularly

I go to the University of North Texas if you do too you should say hey
I'm studying some kind of visual arts (in the middle of changing majors lol)
I LIKE CHARACTERS do you like characters??

(I'm terrible at getting these made please be patient orz)

other places
Behance - my official portfolio
Portfolio Blog - formal art blog
Art Tumblr - casual draw blog (I'm the most active here)

AdCast - Ads from the Community




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