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eye candy goodness


uh hey!! so I guess it's time for the usual new year's update??
um... was super busy this year, especially on the tail end of it all... Between a spring/summer graphics gig at my school and building my portfolio to submit for my major, it was pretty hectic (but productive)!!  I got into the program, so now I'm officially a Drawing and Painting major!! cool stuff

Umm what else.... been kinda sick the past few days, though I'm doin better!  May as well get the gunk over with at the beginning of the year before I go back, heh.  

This year I want to kick it into high gear!!  I'm still gonna have to be balancing work (once I get a job lol) and school, but I want to make bigger and better stuff!  More illustrative work and more personal traditional art, but also I wanna really start hashing out one or two of my story ideas!  Despite not being a fan of doing full blown narrative stuff I have a couple concepts I'd love to see as a comic... still on the fence about that.

I got a new computer for christmas, since the one I've had is falling apart and idk how much longer it'll hold up.. but I'm gonna have to relearn using a graphics tablet, it's been a while and I was never a fan of it, but sometimes adjustments are necessary!  I was real hesitant to get another tablet pc (expensive and hard to find a good one at a decent size) so I'm just gonna have to get used to the idea of working indirectly again.   But I'll probably have to deal with a learning curve on that which will probably affect things at first.

Anyways, guess I'm rambling now... I don't think there's really much else... so here's to a sweet new year, high hopes for 2015!  Hope y'all had a good new year and I'd love to hear what you got cookin for the future!
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United States
i need to draw a new one of these, yikes

call me mariel
I'm not around a whole lot these days but I post and check things somewhat regularly

I go to the University of North Texas if you do too you should say hey
I'm studying some kind of visual arts (in the middle of changing majors lol)
I LIKE CHARACTERS do you like characters??

(I'm terrible at getting these made please be patient orz)

other places
Behance - my official portfolio
Portfolio Blog - formal art blog
Art Tumblr - casual draw blog (I'm the most active here)

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MARIIIIII you need to give me your comm prices/list because i need quite a few things from you in my life rn ITLL CHEER ME UP SO I NEED TO BUY IT 
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omfg okay let me go dig it up >w<
thank u.... ;v;
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furrever welcome AM EXCITED NOW
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